Akar Enterprises Pte Ltd

Akar Enterprises Pte Ltd

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Akar was an ancient earth-god in Egypt, guarding sunrise and sunset and the passage of the solar boat on its daily journey across the sky, between East and West. He was portrayed as a two lions sitting back-to-back: one lion faces east while the

other faces west. Akar means "roots" in Bahasa Indonesia: we support our clients in completing their journey from West to East providing access and understanding of the Asean markets, minimizing information gaps by leveraging on our local positioning and local roots.

Specialized in partners’ selection, private placements and off-markets capital raising,Akar strong financial expertise and exclusive partnerships allow a unique understanding of local markets based on a privileged dialogue with financial institutions, entrepreneurs, government agencies and key influencers.

For more information please visit our website at www.akarenterprises.com


country : Level 30 South Beach 38 South Beach Road 189767
state : Singapore
country : Singapore
telephone : 6828 1025 / 9833 6177
fax : 6828 1177


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