Piemonte Agency for Investments, Export and Tourism is the first Italian agency dedicated to internationalization, focusing chiefly on attracting foreign investment, increasing the presence of local companies and their competitiveness on international markets, promoting the region tourist offer and agrifood products worldwide, training local and foreign managers and officers on key subjects related to international trade. 

Piemonte Agency was created in 2006 by Piemonte Region and Unioncamere Piemonte, in agreement with business associations and the academic world. It gathers projects and competences of several bodies that played roles in inward and outward internationalisation: Centro Estero Camere Commercio Piemontesi (founded in 1976 to support the international business relations of local SMEs); ITP, Invest in Torino and Piemonte (the first Italian regional agency dedicated to inward investment); Consorzio Piemontese di Formazione (created in 1982 to organize managerial training programmes on international trade for both Italians and foreigners); MKTP (planning and implementing location marketing strategies since 2001); all international activities run by IMA (Agroalimentary Marketing Institute) and by ATR (Regional Agency for Tourist Promotion).


On behalf of its members Piemonte Agency:

Provides free, responsive and tailored assistance to all foreign companies than want to locate in the    region, in all stages of the investment project;

matches the regional production offer with the needs expressed by international markets and proposes targeted activities to connect highly qualified local companies with foreign partners;

promotes abroad the fine wine and agrifood tradition, appreciated by buyers from all over the world and one of the symbols of Italian excellence;

promotes the region tourist resources, natural beauties, history, culture and exquisite cuisine as the perfect host for leisure and business travel;

trains and strengthens the skills of local and foreign companies, institutions in the field of internationalization; promotes international cooperation projects.






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