Fiera Milano is the leading exhibition Group in Italy and one of the top in the world.


Expertise, excellence in professional exhibitions and services and cutting edge facilities, as well as its success in the foremost international conference management, all make Fiera Milano the ideal partner for promotion, development and internationalisation of any company.

Fiera Milano helps companies expand their business opportunities in Italy and abroad; communicate most effectively with reference markets; nurture human capital through continual professional training; share knowledge at high profile conferences.

Fiera Milano helps companies make the most of the big opportunities offered by the new non-European markets.

In its exhibition portfolio there are currently eighty or so events in China, Brazil, India, Russia, Turkey, South Africa and Singapore; 

27% of its gross operating margin for 2012 came from business outside Italy;

it is presently ensuring globalisation of its top brands, having taken the Macef Home Show to Brazil and Russia and Food Hospitality World, the “global” fair born out of the union of Tuttofood and Host, respectively the food and professional hospitality shows to China, India and Brazil. In 2014 FHW will also take place in South Africa and Turkey. 



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