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Gessi Singapore Pte Ltd


Gessi was founded in 1992 from an intuition of Umberto Gessi and his son, Gian Luca. Today, it is a globally recognized brand and a member of Altagamma, an emblem of Made in Italy in the world. Gessi combines craftsmanship, technology, and innovation while maintaining a deep sense of responsibility towards the environment. The company is closely tied to its birthplace, Valsesia, and is headquartered in Parco Gessi, an expanding oasis covering 800,000 square meters with new LEED® certified production facilities. With over 800 employees, Gessi operates in more than 80 countries with 12 commercial branches across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. In our Case Gessi in Milan, London, Dubai, Singapore, Riyadh, and soon New York, visitors are invited to directly experience through the five senses Gessi’s concept of Private Wellness ®. Gessi's global success is reflected in net revenues of €152 million in 2021, up +37% from 2020, demonstrating the company's entrepreneurial and economic responsibility towards its employees and territory.


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