ICCS Committees

ICCS Committees comprise of business groups focusing on different fields of business with the aim of sharing experiences, receiving updates related to specific industries and organizing activities such as seminars, workshops and events in Singapore and in the Region.

ICCS has identified eight committees focusing on the following business sectors:

The Shipping Committee aims to provide knowledge and information sharing and acts as a platform of discussion on major issues and topics of interest for professionals working in the shipping industry.  The committee’s meetings, organized on regular basis, are an opportunity to get key insights into doing business in the shipping sector in Singapore and in the region. 
The Legal & Consultant Committee brings together professionals with tax & legal background and expertise. It aims to provide updates on legal topics and issues affecting business in the region.

This committee conducts sessions to inform and increase awareness of major legal issues supporting the Italian Companies in Singapore and the region.
The Pharma Committee is a collaborative platform which aims to gather and exchange information, best practices and knowledge on healthcare, foster cooperation between Italian companies operating in the sector and support them with experts’ knowledge of common issues faced by the industry in the region.
Gunter Serafini
The Design Committee brings together professionals with design background and expertise. It aims to enable the exchange of information and common issue affecting the industry and act as point of reference for Italian Companies operating in Singapore and in the region.

The Finance Committee is an opportunity of information exchange on local and regional financial issues through meetings among ICCS members who are expert in this sector. It aims to support Italian Corporation with professional knowledge of common issues faced by the industry in the Region.
Estelle Hu-Pirot

The Luxury & Retail Committee aims to be an opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing between companies operating in the luxury goods and retail industry, fashion and high-end beauty activities. 
It allows experts from the sector to meet regularly, to better understand facts and trends, to discuss common topics and support the Italian luxury business community in Singapore and SEA Region.
The mission of the committee is to connect ICCS members to the fast-evolving opportunities in Digital Innovation, through education, awareness and innovation programs.

We aim to unlock digital cooperation opportunities between Italian businesses and government and the booming economies of Singapore and South-East Asia.

The LANSSET Committee wants to gather companies operating in the Aerospace, Defence & Security sectors to:
 - Initiate the Sistema Italia - Difesa in Singapore to strengthen its presence in Singapore and the SEA/APAC region;

- Discuss topics related to relevant domains in Singapore, SEA, APAC in general through meetings and visits;

- Establish a networking and mentoring platform for professionals of Italian firms of these sectors;

- Support the promotion and branding of the Italian companies to SG, SEA and APAC in general;