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About Pomellato

Pomellato’s unique style was born in Milan, a design powerhouse that has inspired the world. Casa Pomellato’s Milan headquartes is home to over 100 highly skilled artisans who hand-make each jewel, from smelting the gold to the final polishing. Combined with the finest craftsmanship, Pomellato brings a contemporary soul to fine jewelry making. Each jewel’s soft curves and perfect finish result form Pomellato’s passion for workmanship and a rigorous design ethos that maintains the house’s heritage of superior goldsmithing techniques.

Pomellato is committed to female empowerment. As a house dedicated to women, Pomellato’s ambassadors are advocates of emancipation.

Every Pomellato jewel and advertising campaign embodies the spirit of sisterhood and encourages support for women in many forms, from anti-violence projects to inclusivity awareness.


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