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Supernova (aka SPRNV) is a business innovation partner for the fashion and luxury industry.

SPRNV’s mission is to connect the largest luxury fashion supply market with the largest luxury selling markets by working with the best luxury Italian and European retailers and brands. Their three main pillars are product orientation, data-driven decision-making, and an international approach. SPRNV believes that products should always be at the center of any growth strategy. The company strongly emphasizes the importance of considering what is being sold, not just the turnover. They believe that data is key to making timely investment decisions and diversifying strategies to stay ahead of the competition. SPRNV has excellent relationships with reliable partners in the US, APAC, and EMEA, which allows them to have direct and quick access to consumers in key markets.

SPRNV’s main services include e-business advisory, cross-border strategy, affiliate/partnerships management, performance marketing, and data integration. The company aims to help fashion and luxury businesses grow and succeed in the global market by providing expert advice and support. With its focus on product, data, and international markets, SPRNV is a valuable partner for any fashion or luxury business looking to expand its reach and maximize its potential.


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