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Sace S.P.A.


SACE is the Italian insurance-financial company specialized in supporting the national economic fabric through a wide range of solutions to enhance competitiveness of Italian companies in Italy and abroad. For over forty years, SACE has been the reference partner for Italian companies that export and grow in foreign markets. Nowadays, with a role reinforced by the extraordinary measures provided by the Liquidity Decree and extended beyond the conventional scope of export and internationalization, SACE has increased its support to facilitate the access to credit for Italian companies with its financial guarantees, sustaining the growth of the Italian production system. Since 2021, SACE is also supporting the Italian economy through the European Green New Deal and as a lever for investments within Italy's NRRP.

SACE is wholly owned by Italy’s Ministry of Finance and, as the parent company of the SACE Group, holds 100% of the shares of SACE Fct, active in the factoring business, and of SACE BT, active in the Credit Insurance, Surety bonds and other damage to property classes. SACE BT in turn controls 100% of SACE SRV, active in credit recovery and management of information assets.

In 2022, SACE mobilised resources for Euro 44.2 billion, of which Euro 12.2 billion to support export and internationalisation, Euro 10.9 billion to support the “Garanzia Italia” scheme (article 1 of the Liquidity decree), Euro 18 billion to support the Supportitalia scheme (article 15 of the Aid decree law) and Euro 3 billion for guarantees and bonds issued as part of the Green New Deal area (article 64 of the Simplification decree).

SACE Singapore office, opened in 2024, is the hub for the Southeast Asia and the Pacific Region, overseeing risks and opportunities and maintaining a continuous dialogue with Italian and international companies and banks, aiming to support business opportunities “with & for” Italy.


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