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Alfa International Pte Ltd


Established in 1974, Alfa International Pte Ltd is a privately held corporation based in Singapore, offering food & beverage (F&B) professionals an extensive range of wines from 18 countries in both the Old and New World: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Israel, Syria and many more.

We specialize in unique handcrafted wines that are highly acclaimed and often produced in allocated quantities. Representing some of the most renowned and outstanding wineries in the world, Alfa International is the sole distributing agent in Singapore working exclusively with these dedicated winemakers.

Alfa International is one of the pioneers in Southeast Asia with an online platform to offer exquisite selection and provide comprehensive knowledge to wine lovers and novices.

In line with our philosophy and vision, we strive to provide fine wine distribution and services, including wine tastings, dinner events, and consultations. Alfa International also imports and distributes Surgiva sparkling and still water from Italy. Striving for continual excellence, we are always looking to improve our products and services through providing dedicated training and consultation services to F&B professionals and maintaining optimal conditions in our storage facilities and delivery service.


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