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Italco (Far East) Pte. Ltd


ITALCO is the owner and manufacturer of Essenza lubricants, a wide range of high-quality lubricating oils and greases for the automotive, industrial, mining, construction, and marine sectors. The essence (Essenza in Italian) is that thing without which something cannot be, cannot be accomplished, cannot even be thought; oil is the essence of movement, of power, of performance. Oil is the essence of the engine. The logo, formed by the letter ‘e’ within an energetic representation, symbolizes the power of Essenza lubricants that from within allow the engine to express its maximum energy, efficiency, and excellence. ITALCO’s strength lies in its technical ability to research and understand customer needs. We formulate quality products by selecting among the newest available technology with an open approach to newest raw materials to meet or exceed the diverse requirements and specifications set by the industry. Established in 2010, ITALCO has grown to become a reliable partner for a wide network of authorised distributors operating in many countries worldwide. Essenza - power from within is the official sponsor of: PISTARD Racing, CIV’s National Trophy champion on BMW M 1000 RR – Gabriele Giannini 2022 e Roberto Tamburini 2021; ACCESS PLUS Racing, PSBK Champion 2021-2022 on DUCATI Panigale VR4 with TJ Alberto; Lorenzo ZANETTI experienced MotoGP and World SBK rider, Ducati Test rider and Instructor.


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