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MetaSensing AP Pte Ltd


MetaSensing is an Italian deep-tech SME focused on the development of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems, to offer customers state-of-the-art SAR payloads for their remote sensing needs including Earth Observation, mapping, monitoring, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

Over the years MetaSensing has developed numerous high-resolution systems for spaceborne, airborne and ground applications.
Technology, hardware, and software is developed in-house, and the IP is company-owned, making MetaSensing a consolidated renown technological reality with a broad portfolio of radar solutions and customers in many countries around the world.

MetaSensing know-how covers the full cycle of the SAR mission including requirements consolidation, system design and performance analysis, manufacturing, assembly, integration, and testing including firmware and control, processing, and visualization software development.

MetaSensing systems are based on the latest available technology including solid-state technology, heterogeneous computing with FPGA, CPU, GPU, and advanced simulations and processing algorithms.

With offices in Italy, Singapore and The Netherlands and a network of business partners MetaSensing offers customized high-tech radar solutions for R&D Centres, Universities, Government Agencies, and commercial players. Moreover, MetaSensing offers airborne SAR mapping services with its high-resolution multi-band multi-channel radar systems for different R&D and commercial applications.


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