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MetaSensing AP Pte Ltd


MetaSensing is an Italian-Dutch high-tech SME offering advanced Radar Solutions and
Electronic Warfare solutions. It was founded within the European Space Agency (ESA)
Business Incubation Centre to develop the first commercial very high-resolution
airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR).  
It is one of the few companies in the world which offers COTS and customized complete
radar solutions for commercial, governmental, and research clients both in the Defense
and Civilian sectors.
MetaSensing provides advanced airborne, spaceborne and ground-based sensors and
services for surveillance, intelligence, mapping, imaging, and monitoring applications.
MetaSensing brings to the Asia Pacific region its product portfolio and know-how with a
focus on advanced airborne and spaceborne technology solutions related to Synthetic
Aperture Radar (SAR) and Electronic Warfare (EW).
Currently, MetaSensing has offices in Italy, Netherlands, Singapore and South Korea.


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