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Soft Movement According to Thekkekara Pte Ltd


Soft Movement According to Thekkekara Pte Ltd by Thekkekara Predip and Annie is a company specialized in wellness and well-being.

The Thekkekara method is a completely natural technique, of Ayurvedic derivation, which aims to manage and potentially eliminate back pain and other spinal disorders. This technique does not involve the use of drugs and is divided into three phases. In the first phase, some muscle centers are stimulated to obtain the relaxation of contractures. In the second phase, the energy centers known as Chakras are stimulated. Finally, slow and gradual maneuvers are performed on the spinal column with the aim of obtaining active and passive muscle stretching, relaxation of the ligaments and adjacent tissues. The maneuvers are progressive and delicate; therefore, no pain is felt. They are performed on a normal massage table. Furthermore, to help the improvement process, some natural Indian essences with decontracting and anti-inflammatory properties are used. The main disorders on which the soft movement technique has shown greater effectiveness are: Low back pain, Neck pain, Whiplash, Back pain due to overweight, poor posture, excess physical activity etc.


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