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New Value Gate Pte Ltd


New Value Gate’s is a Global Partner for Excellence Achievement.

NV Gate mission is to provide 360° Turn-Key Solutions for Corporate Performances Enhancement.

NV Gate has developed “taylor-made” WCM / Lean Programmes targeted to be as much effective as possible in different types of Industries, such as Appliances, Medical Devices, Car Components, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Fashion, Machinery Makers, Pharma.

NV Gate is a Smart-Lean Partner for some important Multinational Companies supporting team at a global level on the application of their systematic Lean Programme (or Corporate Manufacturing System).

NV Gate provides integrated solutions to combine Lean and Industry 4.0 transformations and develops Innovative Concept for Automation and Digital Transformation.

NV Gate established the Smart-Lean Academy in Singapore in the ITE Labs partnership with ITE College Central. In 2022 the company was awarded by ICCS as the Best Italian SME in Singapore for the credit received by the SG institutions for its Academy project.

In 2023 NV Group, that controls NV Gate, was awarded in the “100 Eccellence Italiane” at Montecitorio Palace in Rome for the category of “management and industrial consulting”.


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