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Bi-Qem Pte Ltd


BI-QEM dates back to 1955 when the cornerstone of the BI-QEM Group has been laid to produce thermoset molding compounds in Tradate, Italy under its previous name Chemiplastica. After becoming the largest global supplier of thermoset molding compounds in the market, BI-QEM took a step ahead and started to diversify its product portfolio. In 2010 a new investment decision was made and BI-QEM acquired Chimeco, a company specialized in the production of specialty chemicals with a strategic position in the global market. Following the acquisition, the plant was restructured in line with the quality and safety requirements of BI-QEM and started to operate as Chemiplastica Specialties. In the year 2018, with the intention to welcome new challenges offered by the international market, BI-QEM has decided to change its historical and well-known name from Chemiplastica to BI-QEM. The change of name was driven by the diversification of product lines, the constant increase in attention to the environment and the approach towards a global extension and a strengthened presence. In 2020, BI-QEM further diversified its product portfolio by making a vertical acquisition of sanitaryware products manufacturer Japar in Turkey.


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