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FIAMM Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


Fiamm Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is the subsidiary of FIAMM ENERGY TECHNOLOGY
S.p.A. - Reserve Power Solutions division, for the Asia Pacific region. For over 70 years
FIAMM Energy Technology has been leveraging innovation and expertise to offer a
broad range of stationary batteries, designed to guarantee uninterrupted power supply
with the best energy backup products and solutions for every kind of application. Thanks
to this approach FIAMM can intercept customer needs, guarantee clients satisfaction and
build long-lasting relationship.
FIAMM Energy Technology S.p.A. is a joint venture between FIAMM S.p.A. and
Japanese Hitachi Chemical, with the medium/long term goal of sharing technological
know-how and expertise to increase its presence in the energy storage market, which is
witnessing unparalleled global growth.
In February 2020 the purchase offer for the acquisition of Hitachi Chemical’s shares was
finalized by SHOWA DENKO K.K. and HCC


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