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Kelmer & Co Singapore Pte Ltd


Kelmer Group is an International Business Consulting company that assists
entrepreneurs in their international ventures, solving bureaucratic,
administrative and fiscal issues, from the start-up to the day-to-day
In 1997, a group of professionals with a solid background in international
business consulting decided to gather their experience to create a new
project that would assist individual entrepreneurs and corporations in
expanding their business into international markets.
Kelmer Group was then founded, with the opening of its first office in
London, and since then ensured its presence in the most strategic worldwide
markets, such as UK, Ireland, UAE and China.
In 2018, Kelmer Group opened four new offices: Singapore, Hanoi and
Manila, as part of the expansion plan in the Far East and Miami, USA. Last
year the group inaugurated its first office in Melbourne, Australia.
Nowadays, thanks to its solid and growing network of offices, Kelmer
Group has become the ideal one-stop-shop for Internationalization,
providing its clients with a wide range of dedicated and customized services.

Kelmer Group aims to offer its clients the opportunity to focus entirely on
the core activities of their business, knowing that all technical aspects of the
Internationalization process are handled by a team of experienced professionals.


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