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Poltrona Frau (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd


Poltrona Frau Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd., founded in 2001, is the Asia-Pacific representative office for the Italian leading high-end furniture Brands:

Poltrona Frau
With over 110 years of history, Poltrona Frau uses the best-quality materials, Pelle Frau® leather above all, to craft high-end furniture for homes and offices (Residential Unit), luxury interiors for automotive, aircraft, yachting (Interiors-in-Motion unit) and bespoke seatings for public spaces (Custom Interiors).

Ceccotti Collezioni
Founded in 1956, Ceccotti Collezioni is the expression of design merging with art to create handcrafted solid wood furniture with a distinctive design that gives character to homes and offices around the world.

Cassina, founded in Meda in 1927, launched industrial design in Italy during the 1950s, introducing a shift from handcraftsmanship to serial production. Cassina has always had a pioneering attitude, combining technological skill with traditional craftsmanship and involving important architects and designers.
Today, ‘The Cassina Perspective’ expresses the company’s values through an eclectic collection where innovative products and Modern icons come together to create welcoming environments.

Zanotta creates timeless design products bolstered by a pioneering approach and inspired by radical design ideas, produced with an excellent Italian craftmanship and rooted in heritage.


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