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Unigrà is today a world leader in oil and vegetal fats processing, raw materials and semi-finished
products for the food industry, pastry, bakery and ice cream sectors.
Founded in 1972 by Luciano Martini, over the years the Company has developed its mission to
produce top quality primary ingredients, semi-finished and finished products for all the channels
in the sector: Industrial, Artisanal, Retail and Ho.Re.Ca.
Unigrà’s success is based on clear, winning ideas: constant research into the best primary
materials and top quality, ongoing investments in cutting-edge production technology, a strong
focus on customer demands and determination to achieve increasingly ambitious results.
Unigrà is now an international business with revenues exceeding 650 million Euros, exporting
more than 40% of its turnover. From this year, beside the historical production facility based in
Italy, the new-cutting-edge of technology factory started its production in full swing in Malaysia.

Unigrà is still being managed by the founder Luciano Martini, Chairman of the Board of Directors
and his son, Gian Maria Martini CEO who ensure that the fundamental values at the heart of the
company are upheld.


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