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Wellard Singapore Pte Ltd


Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, but originally established in Italy in the 1950’s as a family-owned business, Wellard is
a vertically integrated livestock supplier, meat producer and Australia’s largest exporter, leader in providing animal protein to
the global market through a fully integrated supply chain. Wellard Limited (WLD) is a public company, listed at the Australian
Stock Exchange (ASX).
Wellard Singapore (WSG) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of WLD and the Singapore holding company comprising the group’s
shipping and Chinese activities through various operating companies, including Wellard Ships P.L., WellTech Marine P.L. (both
based in Singapore) and Wellao Agri (Cangzhou) Co., Ltd., based in Heibei Cangzhou, China.
Wellard is the ship owner, charterer, operator and technical manager world’s leading and most advanced livestock carriers’
fleet specialised in captive and third parties maritime transportation to support the group's trading activities. Approved by
the Australia Maritime and Safety Authority (AMSA), the fleet is best in class performance to maximize quality of cargo,
combined with leading environmental and animal wealthfare management system. WSL’s extensive new building program
provides new generation of innovation and technology to the market.


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