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Ergo: Travel Pte Ltd


Specialist travel consultancy providing custom travel solutions and specially-organised tours to Italy for individuals and small groups, both private as well as corporate. Also provides inbound travel services for English- and Italian-speaking clientele visiting Singapore and Southeast Asia. Official representative of Trenitalia and VOX Wireless Communications Systems in Singapore.

Ergo: Travel serves the English-speaking market from around the world, and since its founding in 2009 has had clients not only from Singapore and Southeast Asia, but also from the UK, Oceania, USA and Canada, South Africa, Turkey and even amongst Italians themselves.

Ergo: Travel provides their clients with an experience far beyond the usual tourist sights so that they can enjoy the huge variety of local cultures of the country, from visiting less travelled areas to understanding the daily lives of the locals. Ergo: Travel tours in spring and autumn focus on individual regions such as Piedmont, Veneto and Sicily, or on specific themes such as music, mountains, and local festivals, and always include activities and visits to places which other tour operators will never be able to include, such as visits to private homes and locations not normally accessible to the public. At the same time, Ergo: Travel follows the principles of Responsible Tourism and seek to collaborate directly with only individual professionals, small businesses or cooperatives with the aim of contributing towards the local economy.


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