Glass to Power SpA and Soluzioni Pte Ltd partner for the development of the Asia-Pacific market

Glass to Power S.p.A. has recently concluded a partnership agreement with the company Soluzioni Pte Ltd, based in Singapore and directed by the Italian Alberto Fantin. The Republic of Singapore, besides being one of the main Asian and world financial pole, it is one of the city-states most attentive to energy efficiency and the product features of Glass to Power are particularly interesting in this scenario. The agreement provides for a collaboration aimed at identifying opportunities within the Singapore market which will then be extended to the entire Asia-Pacific market, also by setting up a company dedicated to the production and marketing of the product that can serve the entire region.

The collaboration will also involve the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), institute of the National University of Singapore (NUS), specialized in research on innovative photovoltaics and their architectural integration. SERIS will test with some transparent photovoltaic insulating glass units (IPTG - Insulating Photovoltaic Transparent Glazing) in the equatorial climate of Singapore to verify its characteristics and reliability, and electrical performance in the hot and humid climate.

“The signing of this agreement allows us to start the process of internationalization of Glass to Power which, following the certification of the product and listing on the Euronext Paris stock exchange is the decisive step for development on the market of our company. Through a technically competent and already widely known partner on the Asian market, like Soluzioni, we will certainly be able to develop a significant presence on this market” declared Emilio Sassone Corsi, CEO of Glass to Power.

“Singapore has always strived to do the best with the little at its disposal: little water, little land, in generally few resources. All this has involved great attention to waste and sustainability. A sustainability achieved through agreements with neighbouring countries, as in the case of water, but very often through research and innovation as in the case of vertical farming, aquaculture built on multi-storey buildings or in the search for alternative energy sources such as hydrogen and solar. Singapore has above all become a showcase for technologies successful and implementable by other Asian countries. In this lies the meaning and importance of experimenting here and here find the most valid partners and commercial solutions for the promotion of transparent photovoltaic windows of Glass to Power” declared Alberto Fantin, CEO of Soluzioni Pte Ltd.

“Luminescent solar concentrators” have interesting prospects in regions with high scattered radiation and where the integration into the facade represents a potential for the development of solar energy, as in the mega-cities of Southeast Asia”, stated Mauro Pravettoni, director of the Cluster PV Module for Urban Solar in SERIS.