Ilaria Cicero, the CEO of IEG Asia: “Our aim is to bring more and more foreign exhibitors to Sigep”

MILAN – Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) has officially landed on the Asian market with its wholly owned subsidiary IEG Asia: a step towards greater internationalisation of the Sigep brand already established in Europe and of Italian food & beverage abroad, which Ilaria Cicero, CEO of IEG Asia Pte. Ltd. Singapore, wanted to tell about its genesis, development and future goals.

Coffee, ice cream, chocolate, bakery and confectionery made in Italy: all this is Sigep, and now it is also exporting it abroad. How did this project come about?

“The project was born at the conclusion of an analysis carried out by the Sigep team in Rimini, in which various markets were taken into consideration: among these, Asia was found to be the most developing compared to South America, Africa or the United States, which are rather fragmented.