BREAKFAST TALK: China new business model? Implications for Italian companies and for ASEAN economies

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore hosted the breakfast briefing 'China: new business model? Implications for Italian companies and ASEAN economies' on Thursday 29 February, at SBF Center.

Here is the seminar's agenda:

China economy outlook and geopolitical perspective: inflection point?

by Julian Williamson, Aroca Group

China new business model: opportunities for Italian companies and MNC new strategies

by Olderigo Fantacci, Deloitte Ap Ice

SEA geopolitical & regulatory implication

by Ozan Ibrisim, Aroca Group

Investments flow in SEA as a consequence of the new China business model

by Chris de Lavigne, Deloitte South East Asia

Q&A session


During this session, experts provided insights into China and its new role in the international economic environment.

Thank you to the speakers, namely Julian C. Williamson - Aroca Group, Olderigo Fantacci - Deloitte AP ICE, Ozan Ibrisim - Aroca Group, Chris de Lavigne - Deloitte SEA for sharing their knowledge and insights. Thank you to all the participants for the active discussion and participation.