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Valentino came to Singapore in October 1997 and worked in a couple of restaurants in Singapore before starting
his own, Ristorante Da Valentino, with his wife to fulfill his dream of running a restaurant together with his
About Ristorante Da Valentino
With the help of his wife and support from his family, Valentino opened his very own restaurant in July 2005.
Located in the residential area of Rifle Range Road, it was a cozy 45-seater restaurant furbished very much like an
Italian home.
The restaurant relocated to The Grandstand, which is the former the Turf City, and it can now seat 120 people.
Despite the bigger capacity. The restaurant manages to maintain its Italian ambience and continues to take pride
in serving authentic food from Valentino’s hometown, Milan. The restaurant also serves seasonal dishes just like
restaurants in Italy, usually in small quantities, and serves them the day that they arrive in Singapore so that
customers could enjoy the freshness of the seasonal dishes.
Valentino’s Cooking Philosophy
Valentino believes strongly in serving authentic Italian food. He would go back to Italy every year not only to
remain connected with authentic Italian food but also to source for interesting raw materials and create new
dishes for his customers.


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